PREPARE YOURSELF WELL AND EFFICIENTLYThe preparation of the negotiation

A structured and systematic approach to preparation is one of the surest way to increase the quality and efficiency of a negotiation.
By the way, it makes sense to coordinate the preparation of a negotiation with the other party – i.e.: to suggest that each one uses this web-app and reflects upon the same questions. (This approach enables to get much quicker to the heart of the matter once the negotiation starts instead of pussyfooting around, thereby losing a lot of time and energy.)
Regarding the preparation of a negotiation
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If you have not yet conducted a
preliminary conversation
The purpose of a preliminary conversation is to check whether the other party is willing to meet you and, if yes, to negotiate the architecture of the negotiation (joint working objectives, agenda, logistics, etc.)
with the other party, you may want to start by using the first tool in this web-app.
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With this
The tool is a web-app. You can operate it on different devices and browsers, without having to download a program.
, you can
The preparation is the second stage of a successful negotiation process. The next ones are:

3. The negotiation itself
4. The debriefing of the negotiation
in eight steps an upcoming negotiation. At the end, you get a detailed result sheet summarizing your notes, an agenda, a list of To Do's, and useful tips.

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